The calculation of the cost of liquid Wallpaper

  • The calculation of the cost of liquid Wallpaper

SILK PLASTER calculator - calculate the cost of materials for your room or house in a few seconds!

In the blank state, you see a price list for silk wallpapers, which indicates:

  1. The price is for 1 pack of liquid wallpaper of each type presented on our website.
  2. Consumption of one package *, i.e. how many sq.m. 1 pack of each type of decorative plaster is enough.

Enter the parameters of the room for which you want to calculate the price.
Next, click the "Calculate" button - that's it! The calculator will display in front of each type of liquid wallpaper the number of packages that you need to apply to the walls of the room and their final price and you can make a purchase decision.

You can calculate how much plaster SILK PLASTER be required to furnish the room and assess the cost of the material: