About us


Our history begins in 1997. The company uses the best equipment and its own patented technologies of manufacturing the alternative DIY-product for walls and ceilings decoration.


The main priority was to make the product safe. All materials match M1 and A1 categories, it means that they are free from all harmful chemical compounds. VOC Free products is our priority!


Product development process is monitored by Research and Development Centre owned by the company. Quality is controlled by international organizations as well.


SILK PLASTER is the current world leader in decorative plaster manufacturing. It is the result of 20 years of continuous work, aimed at improvement of technology and final product. Two SILK PLASTER plants are located in Russia and Europe and they are the largest enterprises of a kind.

SILK PLASTER is a vast network. Head offices and divisions of the company are located around the world. Engineers, designers and managers who work in different cities are extremely qualified people. SILK PLASTER represents its product at numerous international trade fairs. The company takes part in exhibitions to better understand their clients’ likes and dislikes and to adjust accordingly. 


SILK PLASTER has all the essential qualities to produce: durable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and originally designed.

All the raw materials used are  eco friendly. The technology we use, preserves the best properties of the raw material and no harmful substances are released in the environment making it a very eco-friendly product. SILK PLASTER also possesses fire resistance property (COFRAC standard France). Its eco-friendly qualities and Reliability are confirmed in European certificates, such as AgBB-Scheme (Cologne, Germany), EU Declaration of Performance (DoP), M1 emission certificate of building materials (Helsinki, Finland). SILK PLASTER has received such quality labels as "E3 Ecology, Energy, Efficiency”, "E3 Awards 2014" and CE Mark.


More than 900 SILK PLASTER boutiques are represented in several countries all over the world. There are also multi-brand stores, which retail our products. A huge number of representatives trade privately. We are open to cooperation and we are happy to see you in our distribution network.

Join our extensive network and give us an opportunity to grow with you. 

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